Work History

Tag Oil
Ongoing I & E maintenance all sites
Cheal E well site I & E construction & commissioning
Cheal A4 water reinjection project
4x Hydraulic rod pump installations & commissioning
Cheal water flood project
Installation of complete fire & gas detection
Site lighting upgrade
As build of drawings
General day to day project work

Worley Parsons
Met 2 project instrument fitting 1'' Swagelok tubing
Line of site gas detection install
I & E installation of various equipment
Tubing & testing of subsea connection port
High pressure tube testing

Methanex NZ
Tube fitting on control valves
Transmitter insulations
Valve overhauls, mechanical/pneumatic
General maintenance
Commissioning of plant
Methanex Meth1 restart
Turbine & pump alignments
3/4'' tubing upgrades to turbines
Hopkinson valve upgrade 3/4'' tubing to steam drums for psv safety system
Waitara valley gas inlet station flow meter transmitter upgrade

Archer offshore
Archer offshore mud tank I & E for Maui A
Installation of electrical and instrumentation plus control system to 5 tanks

Umuroa offshore
Produced water upgrade
I & E install & commissioning

Kupe construction project
Chemical injection installation 1/2'' tubing 3200m (Tube lengths 150mts)
Swagelok orbital welding
Pressure testing, hydro/nitrogen
Underground coiled tubing to offshore well head
Lpg odourant injection system
Offshore kupe platform tubing mods
General site tubing
Formulating test packs
Pricing of work packs


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